A video update. Hang in there!
Hey everyone, as the market continues to stay volatile, I’m making adjustments to my portfolio that I think position me better for the future. I’m…
After these results and the recent sell-off, I'm building my position
Amazon, I love you, but I like BILL, MDB, NET, MELI, TTD, and CRWD more
Strong results, a bright future, and a valuation I'm comfortable with
Hey everyone, Adding to one of my current positions today. The trade will go through between 9:30am and 10:30 am so I’m sharing here first. This is not…
Buying More Amazon (AMZN)Watch now (23 min) | Amazon is NOT a broken business in my opinion
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$3,000 in new contributions being invest today
Weekly Portfolio News & Notes from CRWD investor event
Hey everyone, Our first deep dive on Snowflake was due out this week and I need to delay it a week. I sincerely apologize, but our whole family passed…
Weekly Portfolio & News Update