Tired of all the noise in the mainstream financial media?

The mainstream financial media and most investing services want you glued to your TV or inbox, anxiously waiting for the next news update so you can trade into or out of the hottest stocks. Perhaps worst of all, there’s a lack of transparency and skin in the game. T.V. Talking heads and most investing services don’t disclose whether or not they own the stocks they are talking about and they certainly don’t share their actual performance.

This newsletter is the opposite of that.

  • The most I’ll email you is twice per week

  • Our ideal holding period is 10+ years instead of 10 days

  • We don’t use complicated options strategies, hedges, or worst of all, margin

Instead, we relentlessly focus on:

  • 100% Transparency. I share all transactions and my reason for buying or selling before I make them. I also share my returns since inception with all subscribers.

  • Learning from legendary long-term investors like Will Thorndike, Nick Sleep, Warren Buffett, and others so we can use their best practices.

  • Studying companies that have significantly outperformed the market over 10+ years to find the common characteristics of market-beating companies and management teams.

  • Then we will use that blueprint to analyze companies and make investments that I believe have the potential to earn us a 10x return on our investment.

Let’s Do This Sh*t!

We will certainly make mistakes, but we have something working in our favor that gives us a major advantage over mainstream investors.

TIME. Most funds have to answer to their investors every quarter. This forces them to make short-term decisions at the expense of long-term performance.

We don’t have to answer to anyone, which means we can invest in companies with management teams that make decisions based on the best long-term outcomes for their business instead of optimizing for the next 30 to 90 days.

We use time to our advantage and let the exponential power of compounding work in our favor.

Are You a Good Fit?

This service is for institutional investors, retail investors, and tech professionals who want to take a much longer and calmer view on markets and investing. We cut through the noise to build the best long-term portfolios in a short-term world.

Free subscribers get access to my weekly newsletter sharing my public research and the best resources I find for long-term investors delivered directly to your email inbox. Never miss an update and be sure to visit my full website (austin.substack.com). for my entire research archive.

About Me

I’ve been investing since 2010 when I put a college loan into random stocks and quickly lost 50% (oops). Over the last decade, I’ve made every mistake in the book ranging from risky options trades, day trading, and even shorting the market.

Short-term trading is so common. But in my experience, it’s mentally exhausting and has led to some seriously bad outcomes.

My best investments ever have come from identifying great companies with competitive advantages, and great management teams before they become mainstream. This style of investing is liberating. It allows me to live my life while growing my portfolio instead of obsessing over the stock market at the expense of living my life.

Two investments that represent my approach were buying Shopify in 2017 (Up 891%) and The Trade Desk in 2018 (+334%).

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