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Portfolio Changes Heading into 2023

November Portfolio Review & December Focus

Your emotions are killing your investment returns

Portfolio Value $121,185, up $17,448 last week.

META Cuts 11,000 Jobs. Thesis Broken?

What Was I Thinking?

Rocket Lab: "Are you building molds or not?"

Remember Why You Invest

Adding to ABNB, SHOP, and MELI

Premium Portfolio Update: New Buy

Portfolio Value: $92,030 | Updates: $RKLB, $SHOP, $TSLA

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Portfolio Value: $96,489 | News: $TSLA, $META, $RKLB,

GTLB Results

Rocket Lab reusable engines, Meta Monetizes WhatsApp, CRWD and MDB Earnings…

Paid Portfolio Update: 3 Buys

Crowdstrike Earnings Review

Crowdstrike Q2 2022 Earnings Preview for Growth Curve Investors

Snowflake Earnings: “I don’t see any of our customers that are fully saturated”

BUY ALERT: August Buy #3

The Growth Curve #005

Has the stock market bottomed?

Rocket Lab Earnings Initial Reaction: Just Fine!

Buy Alert: Paid Subscribers Update

The Trade Desk Posts Strong Earnings. Stock up 16%

Portfolio Update & Cloudflare Earnings Review

Buy Alert...A Profitable Growth Stock

Why DDOG & NET Are Special, META Earnings Review, and... A Workout?!

Adding $8,500 to META

Data Warehouse Wars, When to Sell, My Cholesterol, & More

Buy Alert: Meta Platforms (META)

The Growth Curve #001

I Lost My Job...Time to Bet on Myself

MongoDB: Give Me All Your Workloads

Rocket Lab to Launch Responsive Space Missions For National Reconnaissance Office

Rocket Lab to the Mooooon...Literally

July 1st Buy Alert: RKLB

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There Has Never Been Another Company Like Snowflake

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🔥 Earnings: MongoDB, Elastic Search, & Pure Storage

June 1st Buys

Full Portfolio Review: Current Value: $53,000

May 18, 2022 Portfolio Update

Portfolio Change: Consolidating Into my Best Ideas

The Trade Desk (TTD) Q1 2022 Results

Portfolio Change

New Position: Cloudflare (NET)

Portfolio Change

Buying More Amazon (AMZN)

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Mid-Month Portfolio Changes

Crowdstrike: 200% Revenue Growth By 2026

Snowflake Deep Dive Update & Two Buys Tomorrow

5 Buys | DDOG + MSFT Partner | SNOW + AWS Partner | RTX Radar Contract | UPST | ZM | NOW | HUBS

What I'm Buying April 1st

2022 Newsletter Relaunch & Portfolio Update

Portfolio Update & Best Current Opportunities

Best Opportunities (What I’m Buying Next Week)

Portfolio Update: Added ZM, DOCN, MNDY, MELI, TWLO