What I'm Doing In Response to the Virus Outbreak

I'm not panicking, but making some minor changes.

One quick piece of housekeeping. This morning I sent out my first-ever “ paying subscriber only” email. It was a timely update on recent transactions I made.

Moving forward, I will continue sending these types of timely updates to paying subscribers only. Here’s a screenshot of the email:

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I absolutely hate it when people try to fear-monger or publicize ways to profit from war, death, etc. Please know, that is not at all my intent. First and foremost, the people and the families impacted by these things are at the top of my mind.

However, I am managing my family’s entire investment portfolio so there are times that I make adjustments due to potential risks.

I have made two very small adjustments related to the outbreak. 98% of my portfolio is untouched because I believe this will pass.

  1. I sold LK - it is a Chinese food-related company that had run up a ton to what I believed was an excessive valuation. That combo creates a situation where I believe I have better investment opportunities elsewhere.

  2. I bought a very small .05% of my portfolio position in NNVC, a company that develops anti-viral therapeutics. My average purchase price this morning was $4.11 and shares are currently trading at $6.35.

    My plan is to hold these shares in case it pops to something like $50 or $100, then sell them. This basically makes it an all or nothing type of trade. I will not invest more in this gamble…if I lose the $2,000, that likely means the scare is over and we won’t see a major market meltdown which means the rest of my portfolio will be fine. If there is some type of panic, I could see these shares increasing greatly and the rest of my portfolio taking a temporary hit. I refuse to trade out of my companies because I believe in them all as great long-term investments so this is how I’m “hedging” responsibly

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