Weekly Review

Hey investors,

If you’re in the United States, I hope you enjoyed Independence Day. We’re visiting my wife’s parents so this will be an abbreviated update.

We finished this week up 3.83% which brings us to up 56.71% year to date.

Transactions this week: 0

Our goal is to earn 20% per year on our investments so I don’t expect this type of out performance to continue.

However, I’m not moving a large percentage of my portfolio into cash out of fear of interest rates, recessions, killer bees invading Alabama, or anything else.

Pullbacks and recessions will happen. I just don’t know when so I’m not trying to time them.

We don’t invest money we will need in the next 5 years and we try to invest in great Founder-led businesses. Timing the market is impossible so I don’t try.

And our currently portfolio. You can see the percentage each position makes up of our entire portfolio in white.

Links for the weekend:

I’m on my phone and it’s hard to do links so I’ll just share a recent discussion I had about investing on The QAV Podcast.


Thanks so much for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!