Twilio Stock Offering, Short MongoDB and go broke, Zoom Tweetstorm

  1. Twilio Launches $750M Stock Offering

    This doesn’t alarm me at all. The stock seems to be down a few percent after hours. Maybe because of this news.. who knows.

    Intends to use the net proceeds for general corporate purposes, which may include the acquisition of other companies or businesses, the refinancing or repayment of debt, capital expenditures, working capital, and share repurchases.

  2. MongoDB is Running Out of Space

    This is such a bad article that I had to share it. Mongo Database is my third largest holding. I have no idea what will happen to the stock over the next year. I do believe it is one of the most innovative companies around with great products and great management.

    I would never ever ever short it. Again..terrible article

    MongoDB's stock is up 475% since its IPO.

    Competition in the DBaaS and SaaS market is increasing.

    At a $7.6B valuation, MongoDB looks like a good short opportunity.

  3. Simon Erickson, one of my favorite investors talks Zoom $ZM on Twitter. Incredible that we can interact and community source investing like this. Also makes me a bigger fan of Zoom. I currently have exposure to Zoom through some puts I sold. That’s probably a waste of time and effort and I should probably just own shares of this awesome company.

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