TTD Partners With Amazon. Huge Win

This is the type of news that matters for long term investors.

Quick Rewind:

Here’s what the news headlines around The Trade Desk looked like from July 1 - July 24. In my opinion None of these meant ANYTHING for long term investors in The Trade Desk. Other than potentially an opportunity to buy more shares if it wasn’t a full position. But I did nothing. I had a 17% position in the company which was plenty.

Here’s what the stock did before today during July. Up about 6% but you can see around the 15th - 18th when those downgrades came out, the stock dropped to where it was roughly flat for the month.

I did nothing because absolutely nothing changed with the business.

Then today this happened:

Here’s a quick article about it.

And finally here’s what the stock looks like for the month of July including today. +20%

Long term investors win by investing in the most innovative companies with great products, great management, and great cultures. Then do nothing. Unless a position gets to be too large a percentage of your portfolio, you need the money, or something changes about the business.

Building wealth can be that simple. Not easy, but simple.

Have a great weekend.

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