Stock Market Showdown - Introduction

Transparently investing $50/week for my kids using crowd votes

What is Stock Market Showdown?

It’s educational, fun, nutritious and delicious…

The goal is to make investing more accessible. I will show people that now that we have free commissions and fractional shares, we have an opportunity to invest long-term with small amounts, and generate incredible wealth over time. Once my kids are old enough, this is a great way to get them involved as well.

Each week, I’m investing $25 into each of our two kids’ custodial brokerage accounts.

I’m hosting a weekly Twitter vote (follow me @AustinLieb for people to select from 4 companies (usually a basket of great companies from the same type of industry)

Then I compare the top 2 companies in a YouTube video (Subscribe to my channel here and like my videos! Helps other people find them) head to head for 10 minutes each, scoring them across these 5 categories:

1. Brand Value & Recognition 2. Management Experience & Effectiveness 3. Business Execution 4. Company & Industry Opportunity 5. Crowd Vote

Here is the introductory video which covers the format, why I chose custodial brokerages for them instead of another option like a 529B, and why I chose Schwab instead of Robinhood or Cash App.

The rest of the page will hold a copy of our portfolio, portfolio returns vs the S&P 500, and all of the weekly comparisons in reverse order.

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