Sold ROKU @ $129 Bought DDOG @

Hey everyone. Quick note because I’m on the road but wanted to share the latest portfolio change. ROKU out DDOG In.

Roku is now down about 15% since that trade but that doesn’t make this a good decision. That would be “resulting” which Annie Duke covers in her awesome book “Thinking in Bets”.

I judge my decisions based on whether Or not they align with my process.

I sold ROKU because I was no longer confident in my original thesis. I lost confidence in their ability to maintain their leadership position as profitably, I don’t like their reliance on hardware companies (TV makers), I am not super comfortable with the Founder and CEO, I already have an ~18% position in TTD, and I wanted money available to invest in Data Dog (DDOG).

This doesn’t mean I think a ROKU is a bad company or that I would short the stock. I just don’t currently want it to be one of my 10-15 holdings.

One last note. I apologize for the delayed notice on this, but please know this is not a stock recommendation service. I certainly appreciate all of the free and paid subscribers, but in its current form, this newsletter is basically my investment research and return journal where I share all of that stuff transparently.

I hope that can educate and inspire others to invest, but I want to be clear that I am not recommending these stocks to anyone other than myself.

Here’s my Tweets about the changes below. If you click on the Tweet you can see the thread which shows my stream of thought on it all.

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