Sharing The Bad Days. Down $20k Today

I share the good days so I must share the hard ones too. The Trade Desk is down about 12% today. I did sell about 20% of my position before they announced earnings because I felt unsettled with it at 23% of my portfolio in this environment. Still it was 18% so today is a painful one.

I have not dug deeply into the report yet, but from a high-level it looks good and the 5-10yr future of the company looks as bright as ever. I will not be selling more shares right now. If the sell off continues, I will even consider adding and building it back up to a 20% position.

If it was not my largest position or I wanted to start a position, I would look at now as a good time for that.

I’m at about a 18% cash position in the portfolio right now and will look to use that opportunistically. I’m not panicked right now about the trade situation. All of this has been on the radar for more than a year.

Right now is a good time to be patient and have our list of favorite stocks ready to pounce on some potential 10-20% drops.

That’s what I’m doing.