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Lets learn about this digital entertainment, eCommerce, and digital financial services company headquartered in Singapore

Hey Investors!

Things got a little crazy. I was unexpectedly let go from my full-time job at Lambdaschool due to the impacts from COVID-19 so we spent some time as a family thinking about what’s next.

With the support of my incredible partner, wife, and best friend, we’ve decided now is the time to take the leap and double down on So that’s my focus! I have one other initiative I’m working on which I can’t share the details of yet and then this newsletter will also be a top priority.

Thanks so much for your patience while we figured things out.

Each week we’re going to study one company. I’ll start with an email (usually on Monday’s) introducing the company and then follow up on Friday’s with a review of everything we learned about the company.

I would love to make this an interactive study so please share your thoughts, any good links, research, etc in the comments!

Disclosure: I own shares of SE in my personal investment account.

Part 1: Intro to Sea Limited

Ticker: SE
Industry: Electronic Gaming & Multimedia
Chart & Key Stats from

Intro to Sea from their site:

Sea has three main segments that we will spend this week studying:

  1. Garena - digital entertainment division.

  2. Shopee - eCommerce platform for Southeast Asia and Taiwan

  3. Sea Money - digital financial services network in Southeast Asia

Resources we will be studying to start our search:

  1. Sea Q1 FY 2020 Results

  2. Sea 2017 - 2019 annual reports

  3. Roundhill Investments Sea Company Snapshot

Let’s have a great week learning about this innovative Founder-led company. I’ll see you in the comments as we learn together this week and then I’ll send out Part 2 with our findings on Friday!

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