Quick Update: Here’s What I Added Yesterday

This was in Sarah’s Rollover IRA (Fund #3) which we intended to invest over a couple months. I’m bad at holding cash in our investment accounts. Maybe that’s a flaw, but it felt like some of our great businesses were on sale.

This will be an interesting portfolio to follow because We can’t add funds to it.

Slack and MongoDB report earnings today. I think Mongo will have another strong report which is expected so who knows what the stock will do. I think Slack has been under pressure and there’s a lot of negativity built into the stock price.

I believe much of the concern over Microsoft Teams is undeserved and I like the Founder/CEOs conservative/quiet approach. I could see them surprising Wall Street a bit and if that happens, I see a potential for the stock to be in the $40s soon.

These are just my best guesses, but I do have skin in the game since MDB is about 16% across all our portfolios and WORK is 2-3%.

PD reports Thursday and I could see them surprising to the upside as well.

Ill be paying attention to how the businesses are performing and do my best to separate that from the stock price.

Will update after earnings!

P.S. thanks for all the wishes for safety through Dorian. We are doing just fine. God Bless those in the Bahamas and that have been in its direct path.