NOTES: CrowdStrike 2020 Global Threat Report Webinar

Speaker: Jason Rivera, CrowdStrike’s Director of Strategic Threat Advisory Group:

Link to webinar
Link to 2020 CRWD Global Threat Report
Link to CrowdStrike resource center (lots of reports)
Crowdstrike podcast series

Nothing groundbreaking out of this Webinar. More of a marketing type campaign, but I enjoy learning more about CrowdStrike and these types of things are helpful in establishing their credibility/marketing. Also some cool resources/reports linked above.

Notes: I missed the first ~ 25%

  • Adversaries/hackers trying to use COVID-19 and other events to take advantage of targets

  • CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence is designed to be very broad and share different sized customers with different goals.

  • 3 tiers of threat intelligence - each lower tier is contained in next higher up tier

    • Standard, Premium, Elite

    • Premium is when customers are ready to engage with the AI

    • Elite, gets an analyst directly assigned to work with the company - very hands-on. Customers also get free “request for intelligence” package. Companies can communicate with analyst through email, phone, Slack

    • There’s also a dedicated analyst tier which is a step up from Elite and companies get a dedicated analyst specifically to them.