New Atlassian (TEAM) $134 Straddle (bought Put and Bought Call)

Remember, these are risky and I could lose 100% of this money in 24 hours. You are responsible for your own financial decisions and this is not advice in any way!

New Straddle on Atlassian (TEAM). They report after close today. I put $5,700 of the profit from yesterday’s TSLA, NOW, ALGN straddles into this.

Bought TEAM $134 Straddles (put & call) for $11.50 each.

Need the stock less than $122.5 or over $145.5 to be profitable. So roughly a 10% move. If the stock goes under $112 or over $155 I’ll make 80% + on this.

I have pretty low confidence that this will work out and I’m risking 1% of portfolio.

Have a great evening!

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