I'm still here and will get back to writing weekly.

Hey everyone, I’m really sorry for my lack of writing, especially during such a volatile time. The bottom line is that I had to prioritize my time towards my family, work (Air National Guard and Lambda School), 7investing.com, and overtrading wayyyyy too much in my investment accounts (more on that in the future).

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and in relatively secure financial positions. This pandemic has changed a lot of people’s lives very quickly. So many have been impacted physically and financially.

For me, these types of events are a reminder to prioritize my family, my health, and being financially secure. By doing these things, we put ourselves in a position where we can help others.

My wife is a Registered Nurse and fortunately, her workload has remained relatively stable. They’re expecting the peak at her hospital in early May so things could change quickly. We’ve also been in a sort of standby mode for potential National Guard response, but have not been activated at this point. We have lost our childcare temporarily which has made life at home (and having time to write) very interesting.

Overall, we’re thankful to be healthy and financially secure.

Use this time to take care of yourselves… don’t feel pressured to accomplish thousands of things at home. We’re all stressed, don’t put that extra pressure on yourselves if you don’t want to. Most of all, be there for yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities if able.

This is a time where the world needs to unite and conquer this thing together. It starts in ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Onto investing…. well I absolutely nailed it on January 27th when I shorted travel companies, went to cash with a portion of my portfolio, and wrote this:

I’m no medical professional, but I don’t think this virus is the end of the world. However it is clearly impacting a lot of people and causing a lot of short term fear.

If I had to guess what happens in terms of markets, I would guess….

There’s a lot of panic in the short term and a market wide sell off. There will be businesses that have almost no international revenue and nothing to do with travel that sell off (buying opportunity).

Casino, airline, and other travel companies will sell off too.

Some speculative healthcare/bio stocks will see ridiculous gains driven mostly by fear.

But this isn’t a celebratory post… I didn’t follow my gut and I quickly backed off for a small gain. I knew deep down inside that we were oblivious to what was going on in China at the time and at the very least, global trade would be disrupted. But I was conflicted by being a “long-term investor” and wanted to stick to that foundation. So I bought back in… then I tried to do some more market-timing.

All of this to say, I would have been better off just leaving all my positions alone in the first place and timing the market (even when your gut is 100% right) is really freaking hard…. at least for me.

I’ll send out a performance update at the end of next week, but I need to get back to the kiddos.

I really appreciate you all reading and all of the paid supporters. I also fully understand if you cancel your paid subscriptions because your financial priorities have changed and/or because I have not written as frequently.

Thank you all and stay healthy.