End of August Update: + $201,544 (+57%) YTD

This is a shortened update: Family is in town from south Florida and we’re enjoying time together + doing our own prep for Hurricane Dorian.

We ended August down 3% for the month. The news headlines have been full of panic (as usual) and Tweets/random quotes about U.S. - China trade talks have been whipsawing the market back and forth on a daily basis.

We’re doing our best to ignore all of that, continuing to contribute to our accounts monthly, and staying invested in what we believe are the best Founder-led companies in the world.

I’m doing something a little different this month. I’m sharing the value of our portfolio. I’m doing this to add some context to the power of compound interest and investing. We started with $8,000 invested in 2011 and have tried to invest 20%-30% of our income every month since. Sometimes we don’t hit that goal, but we do our best to get back on track when we miss it. We have a middle to upper middle class combined income and have received a total of $10,000 in inheritances. We were incredibly blessed and privileged to grow up in safe house holds with loving parents and a world of opportunity in front of us. There’s been a ton of luck involved which can’t be denied and there will be plenty of ups and downs in the future.

But we’ve made our minds up that we are lifetime investors and this is how we plan to grow our wealth to provide security for our own family and hopefully have the means to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

August 2019:
August beginning value: $498,549.49
August ending value: $485,407.15
August return (TWR): -2.93%

Year-to-date 2019:
2019 beginning value: $283,862.47
2019 ending value: $484,840.75
2019 YTD return (TWR): +57.75%
*Returns are calculated by Interactive Brokers’ Portfolio Analyst tool.


AYX, TTD, TWLO, and MDB are still our top 4 at 21%, 18%, 15%, and 15% respectively. We have not added to those this month because we’re happy with those sizes.

We have added to ESTC, PLAN, and ZS in this portfolio this month because the companies are executing well and we want to increase our position sizes.

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Up Next:

Sarah and my Roll-Over IRAs are now all set up. Mine represents about 1% of our investments and is fully invested. Sarah’s represents about 8% of our investments and is 50% invested in mostly the same companies as this portfolio with the addition of GH, SWAV, and NVTA.

We will get some updates out about our Roll-Over IRAs and those three companies soon.

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