Bought ESTC and 2 Options “Gambles”

I want to provide high quality content and respect your time. I also want to be 100% transparent.

95% + of my investments are long-term oriented with the goal of holding for years . But we’re all human and sometimes I like to gamble a little bit. I’m not proud of it, but it’s the truth.

So two updates. I started a small position again in ESTC this week. That’s intended to be long-term.

And I made two options gambles which are very risky. This is an advanced trade. It’s certainly not necessary to build long term wealth. Crowdstrike and Intuitive Surgical report earnings after hours today and I think they will each more 5%+ in one direction or the other so I made a bet to try and profit short term from that.

If you are not familiar with options and “straddles” I suggest avoiding these and just watching as I report back licking my wounds tomorrow.

Small risk (3% of my portfolio) for a big potential reward.

I will share the outcome either way tomorrow.

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