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Disclaimer: nothing I write should be taken as advice. I am not a Financial Advisor and not responsible for any actions or decisions any readers make.

My overall goal is to provide 100% transparency into my investing journey and process. I don’t want you to follow what I do exactly. Successful investing requires research and comfort in the companies you own. I simply want to share my journey and inspire others to get started investing in whatever way makes sense to them.

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Here’s the deal. I want everyone to have access to everything in my newsletter. I also want to give people the ability to help support me keeping this going so I’ve set up a paid subscription for $5 a month or $50 a year as well. There is absolutely no difference in the content you’ll receive whether you pay or not. I fully intend to keep it that way.

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I’m still figuring out the exact format and frequency I’ll write (I’d love your feedback/suggestions) but here’s what I’m thinking.

On Mondays I’ll release a weekly podcast that will generally be an interview with another investor, someone that works in the tech industry (hopefully at a founder-led company), or a discussion between Sarah (my wife) and I about some investment or finance related topic. Podcasts are located at: www.founderstocks.com/podcast, on any of your favorite podcast apps (search “Founder Stock Investing”, and I’ll send an email out on this newsletter when I publish new ones.

On Thursday or Fridays I’ll send a weekly update out recapping anything that mattered for the week. I’ll also probably include a few links to some things I read or podcasts I listened to that I found valuable.

When I make transactions (buys or sells) I’ll send a quick update out. This should be relatively infrequent since I try not to have too many transactions.

Once a month I’ll do a complete update on my portfolio to include the size of each position in my portfolio (for example: Alteryx (AYX) makes up xx% of my total portfolio) and include my current thoughts on each company. This will probably replace that week’s Thursday or Friday post.

When companies I own report earnings or something worth knowing about happens I’ll send out an update. I’m not sure if I’ll include these in that week’s Friday write up, talk about it on that week’s podcast, or write a separate post about it. I’d love suggestions of what you’d prefer.

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